About Resolvers

About Us

The Resolvers Movement aims to develop future leaders who are grounded, passionate, and compassionate empaths who can think critically and solve problems. The purpose of this project is to develop leaders who use both homeroom knowledge and firsthand experience to improve society.


“Nurture Future Leaders”


“Create leaders who are grounded and passionate about the lives of others with a passion for social- emotional, cultural and moral wellbeing with the skill to adapt with changes in society over time”

Why Become a Resolver?

The Resolvers Movement brings together a group of individuals, passionate about bringing immediate and much-needed change for the greater good of our community by initiating the most compelling and bold conversations about the issues at hand.

We encourage our members to be observant and proactively propose viable solutions. We empower these individuals to lead projects by facilitating open communication with the Executive Board.

On this journey, we’ve seen how Resolvers allow people to grow with us as individuals.

Developing communication skills, approaching people professionally, managing projects individually, learning to follow guidelines, being forthright, overcoming fear of public speaking, creating digital graphics, being humble, kind, and empathetic leaders who envision a better world, are all important life lessons that we instill.

Our mission is to develop a generation of leaders with strong self-esteem, a vigorous desire to help others, empathy and critical thinking. Our opportunities are endless, but the ultimate objective is to develop leaders who use their homeroom knowledge and first-hand experience to improve the society.

Join us to further culminate what we as Resolvers with utmost camaraderie and tenacity.

You can sign up for a toolkit or contact us to design your own signature project.

Let’s nurture future leaders together !